Why Nexus

Before you become a NEXUS Financial Network client, we want to get to know you—your dreams, your aspirations, your goals, and what will make you happy.

Managing the assets is the easy part since we follow proven diversification models. You provide the risk tolerance through a questionnaire process; next, we provide access to the investment vehicles. But that is only the beginning, since your portfolio requires continuous monitoring and management to keep it at the proper risk and allocation. Your portfolio is compared with the model every quarter. This enables you to monitor your success.

  • We at NEXUS take a team approach to give our clients a high-quality investment portfolio at the lowest cost.
  • We believe in educating our clients to proper diversification through a fee-based approach to help lower risk and market volatility.
  • We plan for the future but do not try to predict the future.
  • We answer the questions that are on our client's minds such as:


"Will I be able to educate my kids?"

"Will I be able to retire at my current lifestyle before I'm too old to enjoy it?"

"Now that I'm retired, will I run out of money?"

"Will I be able to pass along my estate to my heirs?"