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NEXUS Financial Network is a leading and long-standing financial firm in the Wexford community that offers a disciplined approach to investing, comprehensive and integrated planning, and specialized expertise in distribution planning. 

Experienced guides: For more than 20 years, our team has offered a defined process to manage investments with the goal of reducing long-term risk combined with comprehensive, integrated planning that addresses all aspects of an individual’s financial situation.

Income planning expertise: For those who are nearing or already in retirement, we offer specialized expertise in distribution planning with the goal of maximizing post-retirement income.

Impartial advice: As a local, independently owned firm that has partnered with a Registered Investment Adviser–independent broker/dealer rather than working for a large "Wall Street" firm, we strive to offer our clients truly objective guidance that isn't influenced by the sales goals of a large parent company.

Client-centric approach: Ultimately, our strategy is to build and nurture long-term partnerships with our clients and help them feel secure during both positive and challenging times.